War records dwo


At the end of a scenario you may see a special video of you and your general as long as you meet the requirements.


You are required to have 5000 honor which at the time you will be a rear general. Afterwards you can watch your memory before you switch teams in the next scenario. Now the following is a list of General memories.

Sorry if some are in japanese subtitles.

Dynasty Warriors Online memorys
Wei Cao Cao
Cao Pi
Cao Ren
Dian Wei

Pang De
Sima Yi
Xiahou Dun
Xiahou Yuan
Xu Huang Link Needed
Xu Zhu Link Needed
Zhang He
Zhang Liao Link Needed
Zhen Ji
Sun Quan
Gan Ning
Da Qiao
Huang Gai
Ling Tong
Lu Meng
Lu Xun
Sun Ce
Sun Jian
Sun Shang Xiang
Tashi Ci Link Needed
Xiao Qiao
Zhou Tai
Zhou Yu Link Needed
Liu Bei
Guan Ping
Guan Yu
Huang Zhong Link Needed
Jiang Wei Link Needed
Ma Chao
Pang Tong
Wei Yan
Xing Cai
Yue Ying
Zhang Fei
Zhao Yun
Zhuge Liang
Diao Chan
Dong Zhou
Lu Bu
Meng Huo
Yuan Shao
Zhu Rong

Sorry if i missed any. Any i didnt list arent genereals in any scenario.